Category: Traditional Illustration

The Geordie Penguin

These watercolour illustrations are from a book I wrote about a penguin, adrift on a block of ice, visiting and exploring my home town of Newcastle. The whole…

Woodpecker Book

Inspired by traditional children’s books of the 30’s & 40’s, I wrote and illustrated this story about a woodpecker who bragged too much – a kind of fable….

Amazon Antics

I likes the idea of doing an illustration based in the Amazon, so made up this stylised fictitious book cover. Linework and watercolour were both created separately, then…

WWII Memories

These drawings were created to illustrate a local book featuring people’s stories and recollections about life during world war two. A loose wash and line style was chosen…

Cartoon Style

A few examples of cartoon style drawings and character development. The slick cartoon style probably comes the most naturally to me.